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Event Giveaways and You: The Sky is the Limit!

Posted on December 18th, 2019
Tags: giveaways, promotional items, custom, racing event, running, logos,

Event giveaways are tough. There is pressure to bring something exciting to the table while providing your registrants with items they will actually use—instead of being doomed to sit forgotten in a closet. Tee shirts are always a good giveaway choice—they are cost efficient, customizable with logos, and available in countless varieties. That being said, there is nothing stopping you from branching out into less conventional giveaway items in order to leave your registrants with a lasting impression of your event.

Not everyone realizes the sheer amount of different promotional products available. For example, customized wireless earbuds are…

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Free Gym Membership?

Posted on December 9th, 2019
Tags: gym, planet fitness, discount, cost, workout, finances,

There’s no doubt about it—gym membership isn’t cheap. Between membership dues and any other additional fees, even the most frugal of spenders will find it taking a meaningful chunk out of their wallet. However, what if I told you that with a Planet Fitness membership the value of your benefits can actually outweigh your expenses, leaving you to benefit?

Basic membership at Planet Fitness is $15 a month after the inclusion of various gym fees. By utilizing your membership to the fullest, this cost is offset and leaves you with a greater value than the $15 you spent.…

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