Free Gym Membership?

There’s no doubt about it—gym membership isn’t cheap. Between membership dues and any other additional fees, even the most frugal of spenders will find it taking a meaningful chunk out of their wallet. However, what if I told you that with a Planet Fitness membership the value of your benefits can actually outweigh your expenses, leaving you to benefit?

Basic membership at Planet Fitness is $15 a month after the inclusion of various gym fees. By utilizing your membership to the fullest, this cost is offset and leaves you with a greater value than the $15 you spent. This naturally requires dedication to your workout routine—if you don’t show up, you can’t save money!

Consider that a shower at home costs you approximately $1. If you work out at Planet Fitness fifteen times a month and shower there, you have already earned back your membership cost. One caveat here—remember to wear your flip flops. While you might not be able to identify them on sight, it’s probable that some less fortunate individuals utilize the showers themselves—if I were in that situation, it’s what I would do!

Planet Fitness also has a host of other benefits that will offset your cost if you take advantage of them. My gym—the Puyallup branch--has free pizza the first Monday of every month. Depending on how much you eat, this could easily be $5 worth of food. Add this to the savings from using the on-site showers and you are exceeding what you paid for a month of membership.

The Puyallup branch also offers free coffee and bagels once a month (though I have not utilized that perk myself). This also adds a few dollars back toward your membership fees—and just like the free pizza, could be the extra push into getting a greater value than what you paid.

Even if you don’t take advantage of all of these options, using even one or two would still cut down the cost of membership and give you a greater value for the price point. If you are someone that opts for the $25 upgraded membership package (which includes fees), you also have access to free tanning and massage beds and the freedom to use any branch’s facilities. Naturally, the value of these services would further reduce your costs if you use them.

Other little credits add up. My gym provides free tootsie rolls; if you have a sweet tooth, you can reward yourself after a workout. That too adds a small additional value to membership. Planet Fitness also doesn’t limit the amount of time you can use equipment. Many other gyms impose time limits and Planet Fitness allowing you to use equipment for as long as you like provides a greater value per visit than a different gym.

Gym membership doesn’t have to break the bank. Through simple strategizing and utilizing membership perks to the fullest, you can get a greater value from Planet Fitness than the membership dues cost.


Lance Docken

Databar Events Team