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Why You Should Have a Running Buddy

It’s no secret that the running community is known for being welcoming. Runners have always been remarkably open with each other, bonding over their shared enthusiasm for the sport—or the lifestyle, depending on who you ask. Whether you already have a friend who’s into running or if you’re still looking, having a running partner is highly beneficial.

In our blog post about New Year’s Resolutions, we discussed how making sure you are accountable to others is a great way to stick to your running goals. Having a running buddy is the logical extension of that—if you have someone who you regularly run with, you’ll feel a responsibility to them—after all, nobody likes to disappoint friends. This kind of positive pressure keeps you showing up every day; likewise, your running partner will experience the same benefits.

Having a running buddy is great for morale on those days when you wake up and really don’t want to be running. Running in cold, snowy weather or a downpour is a lot more bearable when you’re sharing the experience with a friendly face.

The effect on your relationship bears mentioning as well. Naturally, spending all that time with your running buddy on a regular basis will bring you closer as friends—and you might find that someone who was previously only a “running friend” is now a close confidant. Not only is this great for the two of you—it’s great for the running community and the creation of a friendly, welcoming environment therein.

Having a running partner creates a mutual support system where both you and your running buddy are pushing each other to improve. Sticking to your goals is much easier with a friend to help keep you going even when you’re discouraged. If you’re having trouble hanging on to your running plans, a running partner might be just what you need to keep yourself on track.