Trail Marking for Running Events

Trail marking for running events:

Things you need to know and do.

  1. If there is a fork in trail you will have some participants use it and get lost.
  2. The front runners will be going 10mph….which is pretty fast, so when marking think of the speed and how tired these participants will be and you need to mark accordingly.
  3. Chalk is good, but after a bunch of runners pass over it can start to be confusing.
  4. Assume nothing on the navigational ability of runners.
  5. Before EVERY turn and AFTER every turn you need to have arrows.
  6. Your Chalk arrows should be accompanied by ribbons (surveyors tape, all the same color).
  7. On longer segments, hang some ribbon and or put more chalk to assure the participant that they are still on the right course.
  8. If you see a root that might not be seen, it is nice to squirt a little chalk on it.


I have raced tons, and if it is possible to take the wrong turn I will do it.

Good luck and good race directing!!


Lance Docken

Databar Events