Running Relay Race Humor

This is one of the funniest videos I have seen. I performed this skit with my wife at a meeting of the IRC Running Club, and we sure got a lot of laughs. To understand this humor you really must have participated in a relay, like Hood to Coast, Ragnar, Rainier to Ruston or Mt. Si. All are put on well and are tons of fun to do.

Like most humor, there is truth to what is said in the video in terms of what a non–runner might think about some of the stuff runners do. Baby wipes to clean yourself, stinky shoes, not sleeping or getting bad sleep, weird diets, cramped conditions, running conditions and distances, trying to navigate, trying to get along with team mates, the list goes on but they are all real things that apparently only we runners consider to be normal.

We only have a few relay races working with us right now, but with the new features we have recently added to our website, we are excited to be able to offer Relay Race Directors some great tools to help manage relay races. Email us for more info on our relay race tools.

Lance Docken